Defining Workshops™

Defining & Analysing Your Situation

Building a deep understanding of your environment and your own realities.

A solid situation analysis provides the foundation for the development of sound business strategy.

As distinct from a standard SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats – this situation analysis reframes the SWOT to focus more on future positioning than just on today’s realities.

In this workshop, the leadership team addresses the following four questions:

  • If we were to change direction, what compelling opportunities might we pursue?

  • What compelling threats are currently or potentially going to pressure us to change what we do and the way we do things?

  • What present capabilities and capacity can we leverage?

  • What vulnerabilities do we face that would hold us back from being able to take advantage of the compelling opportunities?

The basic Defining Workshop package includes:

  • an online survey,

  • 5, one-on-one interviews

  • a briefing note featuring highlights from the survey and interviews, agenda design for the facilitated sessions, and helpful information,

  • 2, ≈2-hour facilitated sessions (online),

  • a distilled and synthesized situation analysis generated from answers to the four questions, and

  • suggestions for next steps.

From $5,600.