For associations, delivering value is job one.


Associations exist to promote or protect the interests of particular groups through such activities as regulation and enforcement, training and education, certification, enhancing the profession's reputation, and ensuring everyone is playing by the same set of rules.


When membership is optional, as with associations representing consultants and speakers, an association must be focused on delivering value, or risk losing relevance and members.


Even when membership is mandatory, as for real estate agents, accountants, and lawyers, an association benefits when members see real value for their investment of money (and time).


Our work with associations includes:


  • Research to assess how well an association is delivering on what members value.

  • Planning to prioritize opportunities and challenges, establish a vision and direction that members will embrace, and deliver the greatest value to the greatest number.

  • Facilitated workshops to find a consensus solution to a difficult issue.


Among the associations with which we have worked are:


Canadian Association of Gift Planners  • Consulting Engineers of Ontario  • CPA Canada • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology • Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (formerly Hospice Association of Ontario) • Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario • Medical Device Reprocessing Association of Ontario • Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations • Ontario Community Support Association• Ontario Kinesiology Association• Ontario Real Estate Association • REALpac • Royal Canadian Golf Association • Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada • Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation


Every industry and trade association has a Strategic Number – a measure of the effectiveness of the association's strategy and strategic planning process.

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