Defining Workshops™

Defining Your
Core Values & Behaviours

Basic building blocks in a collaborative & productive culture 

Core Values are beliefs, principles, and behaviours that an organization prizes above all others. They both determine and reflect an organization's culture and the behaviours of management and staff.

When core values are defined in ways that matter to the organization, embraced by all employees, and incorporated into their day-to-day dealings with each other and with external stakeholders, the result is a positive, productive culture with employees working together to execute a business strategy and achieve specific goals and objectives.

Of course, culture is not something tangible you can pick up, examine, and modify. Rather, it’s more of a feeling, an atmosphere… the vibes that are given off by people working in close proximity. That’s why it is so important to identify the core values that are shaping your organization's culture, define them, and work with all employees – from C-level executives to the most recent hires – to inculcate in them those personal and interpersonal behaviours that reflect and embrace the core values.

This workshop is a must for any organization looking to build a strong brand, increase productivity, and develop a culture that attracts people with great potential and encourages top performers to stay.

The basic Defining Workshop package includes:

  • an online employee survey,

  • a briefing note featuring interview highlights, agenda design for the online sessions, and helpful information,

  • three ~2-hour facilitated sessions (online),

  • a set of "defined" core values and behaviours (4 to 6), and

  • implementation suggestions.

From $4,600.