Corporate Governance

Could your Board contribute more to your organization's success?


A Board of Directors represents the organization's interests, providing the governance necessary to enhance executive decision making and ensure that the “business” is viable, sustainable and capable of achieving its longer-term objectives. Since the Board is responsible for determining and monitoring the organization's strategic direction, good governance will contribute to the successful execution of the strategic plan.


Sometimes, Boards lose sight of their intended purpose and Board members become disenchanted with their involvement. Directors might find themselves caught up in operational matters and day-to-day decision making (particularly in smaller organizations).


Some Board members might feel they are simply putting in time without a well-defined purpose. If either sounds familiar, we'd suggest taking a step back and re-evaluating the Board’s overall contribution and role.


Redefining the Board’s role


At Strategic Directions, we help establish meaningful roles for the Board as a whole and for individual Directors and Board positions. Our proven, 6-step process will position the Board to contribute to the ongoing success of the organization, with Directors aligned, motivated and supportive of the Board's role:  


  1. Initial conversations with members of the Board and leadership team to understand the current roles and responsibilities of Board members.

  2. An assessment of the Board’s overall effectiveness, contribution to the organization’s success and commitment to sound principles of governance and best practices.

  3. An evaluation of the Board's composition and the roles required to ensure effective governance and support for the executive team.

  4. If required, a facilitated session to ensure Board members and senior leadership are aligned and onside with the Board role.

  5. Recommendations, and an Action Plan, designed to transition the Board from the role it is currently playing to the role that will best support the organization's needs and assure sound governance.

  6. Ongoing support for Directors who are transitioning to a new role on the Board.


For onboarding and training purposes...


We will develop or update a governance manual tailored to the organization needs. It's an indispensable tool for training and ensuring that Board members have a clear understanding of their role and accountabilities. Among the sections included in this manual should be: Board orientation and training, governance standards, committees, rules of order, and a process by which the Board can assess its performance on an annual basis.


If requested, we will conduct sessions to train new members and ensure existing members are clear on what is expected of them. 


Let’s talk!


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Are you clear about the future you intend to own?

Your “intended future” should be a qualitative and quantitative description of where your business will be in 3 to 5 years (maybe more). While it can and should factor in the views of clients, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, this future must be one that can be owned, realistically. And it must be a future that those responsible for achieving it can get behind. 

"Our guys were skeptical about the role you could play in implementing our strategy. Not any more. The quarterly checkups are focusing our people and helping to ensure that obstacles are dealt with before they become insurmountable."


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