Defining Workshops™

Workshops tailored 
to your exact requirements

Our facilitators excel at engaging participants, breaking up logjams, and achieving established outcomes.

There is nothing we like more than designing and facilitating a workshop to achieve a particular special outcome – something you're wrestling with that you'd like your leadership team to spend some concentrated time on.

In preparation, we take the time to familiarize ourselves with the participants and the issues being discussed. We prepare a briefing package that contains an agenda and brings participants up to speed on different viewpoints. In some cases, this package includes highlights from key informant interviews or an online survey we have conducted.

By way of example, we have designed and facilitated:

  • a meeting of the board of directors of an NGO to discuss and make decisions around six strategic issues to provide coherent guidance to the CEO in advance of preparing the organization’s strategic plan,

  • a meeting of the leadership team of a life insurance company to develop a set of principles to guide the CIO’s management of the company’s digitally-stored data,

  • a meeting of the board of directors of a professional association to address an issue that had gone unresolved for over a year – during focused discussion, participants shared information, explored options, developed a directional strategy, and created a 3-month action plan that addressed all outstanding concerns, and

  • a kick-off meeting of 24 people from three companies involved in a joint venture partnership to bid on an expansion of the GO Rail System – over two days, participants created a coherent statement of direction, articulated a Unique Selling Proposition and the Key Success Factors that would ultimately lead to a successful bid, identified and analyzed factors that could work for or against the partnership, and established a plan of action for the next phase of the bid process.