Proven workshops to put your business on a path to real success in the post-pandemic world.

Delivered virtually, 

anywhere in the world!

Note: Until the pandemic is under control, most workshops are facilitated online. Our collaboration platform is extremely powerful,  enabling us to generate results that are comparable – in some cases superior – to those we would achieve in-person. 

Our Defining Workshops™ are designed to bring decision-makers together to consider and make decisions on essential elements of your purpose-driven, people-centred business strategy. 


Our Defining Workshops™ tackle some of the most important issues confronting business leaders, including:

Each Defining Workshop™ includes any necessary pre-work such as an online survey or key informant interviews, one or more facilitated sessions, and a summary of decisions made. 

Defining Your
Organization's Purpose

An organization’s purpose underpins everything from its longer-term strategy right through to day-to-day decisions made on the front line.

Defining “Where to
from here?”

Collaborate with your team members to map out a detailed plan for coping with, surviving, and making the most of your new circumstances.

Defining Your
Strategic Priorities

Formulate a limited number of strategic priorities on which to focus people and other resources in the year or years ahead.

Defining & Analysing Your Situation

A solid situation analysis on which your leadership team collaborates provides the foundation for the development of sound business strategy. 

Defining Your
Core Values & Behaviours

Essential for building your brand and ensuring that employees are clear about what the organization stands for and how they can contribute.

Defining Your
Value Proposition

It plays an essential role in differentiating your business, building awareness, creating preference, and turning tryers into loyal buyers.

Defining & Translating Your Strategic Priorities into Projects

As you move from the "what" and the "why" to the "how," engaging those accountable for executing your strategy, is challenging, ...and essential.

Defining Your Path
to True Resilience

Due to the pandemic, many organizations are struggling to survive. Some will; others will not. Often the reason comes down to one thing... resilience.

Don't see the type of
workshop you're after?

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