Our Path to Strategic Directions


Back in 2016, when we launched StrategicRetreats, our focus was on strategic planning and a key component of that work, strategic facilitation. In deciding on a name for our new company, we wanted to highlight both our facilitation expertise and our deep general business experience. And because facilitating team dialogue was a common ingredient in our assignments – and extremely important to many clients – we included the word “retreat” in our corporate moniker.


On the marketing side, however, “Strategic Retreats” gave many the impression that we were an event management company or offered upscale yoga retreats! From a business development perspective, this was not helpful!


Additionally, as time went on, we found ourselves increasingly involved in strategy execution, often acting in an ongoing advisory capacity, and facilitating quarterly reviews and updates of a client’s 90-Day Rolling Action Agenda.


In light of the above, we concluded that we needed to change our name to reflect our reality. We reached out to a few clients and colleagues for some advice. The feedback led us to realize that clients look to us for help to set, crystallize, communicate, and realize their strategic priorities.


All of which led us to our new banner, StrategicDirections.


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