Our End-to-End Process

Opening a clear path to the future you intend to own.​

Building an effective strategy requires a process that engages stakeholders and considers alternative ways of achieving longer-term goals.


Our approach has been refined over 30 years and hundreds of projects. We know that plans fail when goals and initiatives are not well thought through or are overly ambitious. In guiding your team through the strategic planning process, we make sure that everything in your plan is clear and focused on moving your organization from where it is today to where you intend it to be in the future.


Our end-to-end process has five distinct and interrelated ingredients:  Preparation,  Investigation,  Conversation, Formulation, and Execution.







Preparation involves establishing a framework for the entire assignment and ensuring that all participants are aware of, and in agreement with, their required roles, the overall planning process, and what will be expected of their staff. ​


As information/data gatherer, our goal is to generate insights that will be helpful in identifying and prioritizing significant opportunities and challenges. 



As facilitators, our role is to draw out and record the knowledge, wisdom, and insight of those involved in the strategic dialogue, help them synthesize that knowledge into a rational set of conclusions and decisions, and provide an environment in which key stakeholders can take ownership of and commit to the strategic choices they have made. 



We distill and synthesize the results of the facilitated dialogue into a concise narrative that clearly presents the strategic direction of the organization and the path you've chosen to follow. 


Facilitated sessions conclude with participants building an Action Agenda to launch implementation, build momentum, and get some early wins.



reasons why PICFE delivers
a powerful
strategic plan

  1. It is DRIVEN BY A SERIES OF QUESTIONS that lead to thoughtful, inventive decisions.

  2. It is straightforward & FLOWS LOGICALLY from initiation through completion.

  3. It ENGAGES KEY STAKEHOLDERS in meaningful dialogue, ensuring support for the end result.

  4. It is SCALABLE, adaptable to organizations of all sizes.

  5. It is CASCADABLE, with results from one or more levels informing the planning process in others.

  6. It is THOROUGH & considers all factors that impact an organization’s success.

  7. It is SELF-DOCUMENTING as the process moves from preparation to final approval.

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