Defining Workshops™

Defining & Translating
Strategic Priorities into Action

Turn your strategic priorities into actionable initiatives, projects and implementation plans.

You have defined and confirmed your strategic priorities. Now, your leadership team is being challenged to translate these into actionable and fully-resourced initiatives and implementation plans.

In our experience, this is best accomplished by 5- to 7-person cross-functional teams, each chaired by a Champion who is a member of the leadership team. About three months is required to “design” the approach for each priority and formulate recommendations for approval by the leadership team.

We facilitate the first two ~3-hour working sessions, guiding the conversation and instilling within team members the “rules of engagement” that will allow them to generate sound and practical recommendations. In the process, we introduce and embed models and templates that support the planning work and the follow-on implementation.

From $2,600 per working group.