In virtually every profession the paradigm is changing.


Until recently, a professional’s technical competence was all that mattered to prospective clients. That’s no longer true.


Against a backdrop of intense competition, industry consolidation, and service commoditization, experienced managers are transforming the way professional services firms operate, and technically competent professionals are being forced to rethink the silos that have made it difficult to successfully implement a firm-wide strategy.


The need for a well-thought-out strategic plan has never been greater.


We work with engineering, architectural, law, and accounting firms to:


  • uncover what stakeholders think about a firm’s service offering and operating style

  • identify and prioritize opportunities and challenges

  • establish what it will take to increase or solidify revenues and returns

  • scope out initiatives to achieve the future a firm intends to own

  • engage staff members in living the firm’s brand and implementing the strategy


Working with professional staff members, we create an Action Agenda that lays out the tasks that will be completed in the first few months following a plan’s approval and serve to encourage staff members to invest time and effort.

If appropriate, we help professionals create personal plans for developing new business. And we will be available to help monitor performance and mentor individuals and practice groups as they implement the plans they've created.



Every professional services firm has a Strategic Number – a measure of the effectiveness of the firm's strategy and strategic planning process.