Defining Workshops™

Defining Your 
Organization's Purpose

Defining why your organization exists is a critical step in positioning your business to achieve real success.

I think if the people who work for a business are proud of the business they work for, they'll work that much harder, and therefore, I think turning your business into a real force for good is good business sense as well." – Richard Branson, Founder, the Virgin Group


Purpose is a concise description of an organization’s reason for being that motivates staff to do great work and gives voice to the ways in which the organization impacts the lives of clients, customers, members, donors, volunteers, and other key stakeholders.

These days, a growing number of people want to know that the organization they’re working for is making a difference. Its reason for being in business is more than to earn a lot of money. Not that making money isn’t important. However, for the most part, it’s not going to attract or retain top people. And it’s not enough to motivate employees to do the best job they can.

In this Defining Workshop™, members of your leadership team – often including Board and/or staff members – will consider two questions that underpin an actionable business strategy: “Why do we exist in today’s and tomorrow’s world?” and “How are people – especially our stakeholders – better off because we exist?”

Participants will take a fresh look at these questions, identify explicit assumptions to test and validate, and formulate a clear understanding of what your organization is in business to do.

The basic Defining Workshop package includes:

  • an online survey,

  • five one-on-one interviews,

  • a briefing note featuring research highlights, the agenda design for the facilitated sessions, and helpful information,

  • two ~2-hour facilitated online sessions,

  • a defined purpose statement, and

  • implementation suggestions.

From $4,800.