REDEFINE  the issues

  REALIGN your plans


REDEFINE the issues that matter to your business NOW. REALIGN your plans to focus on TOP PRIORITIES.

Facilitated exploration and collaboration leading to mission-critical decisions and
a focused, actionable plan.

Why work with
Strategic Directions?


We’re experts in strategic planning and execution. Our experience comes from helping dozens of clients in many different industries take charge of their future.


We have the know-how to guide your team through a collaborative and objective process that results in an action plan right-sized for your organization – clear, focused, actionable, and affordable.


[your] involvement was instrumental not just in guiding our process, but in eliciting creative concepts and ideas from our team that would not otherwise have surfaced.


From manufacturing, professional services, distribution, and retail enterprises, to associations, charities, and other not-for-profits, the pandemic is wreaking havoc on the Canadian business landscape.

Leaders base their plans on assumptions about demand, supply, access to capital, talent, competition, and other factors. When key assumptions no longer hold true, they are faced with staying the course and hoping for the best or pivoting to an alternative course of action that creates value for customers and the organization.

Because hope is not a strategy...

We created REDEFINE & REALIGN to help leaders take a hard look at the issues with which they must deal in order to survive in the short term while positioning their organization to succeed in a post-pandemic world.

Members of your leadership team collaborate on building a short-term (6 to 18-month) action plan. Using two or more facilitated online sessions, participants prioritize threats and opportunities, and brainstorm various scenarios and actions they can take to benefit their organization in the short and longer terms.


1   Share

Participants complete a short online survey. The results are aggregated and shared prior to the first facilitated session.

2   Explore, prioritize & build

At the outset, participants engage in facilitated online conversations on what has changed or is likely to change and how these changes are affecting the business. Together, we look at threats and opportunities and the effect the pandemic is having on...

  • your customers and the demand for your products or services,

  • your staff including your leadership team,

  • your ability to obtain necessary resources,

  • your competition (including any competitors that have emerged as we move to the "next normal"), and

  • the business landscape – the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that are shaping the way business, and in particular your business, works.

Based on conversations around these and other factors, priorities are redefined and actions are realigned. Existing strategies and plans are examined through the lens of Start, Stop, Continue. ​Participants have an opportunity to consider what it will take to emerge from the pandemic stronger, more resilient, and better able to deal with uncertainty.

3    Confirm & operationalize

In a subsequent facilitated session, team members confirm the Action Agenda developed in a previous session, establish what success will look like when a priority has been successfully completed, assign responsibilities, and identify any capabilities that must be upgraded or acquired.

4   Execute & Review

After three or four weeks, your team will be in a position to begin execution of the plan they have built. At this critical time, progress is closely monitored and weekly or bi-weekly progress updates are scheduled. A full review is recommended within the first 90 days.


The net result of REDEFINE & REALIGN is a specific and detailed plan for mitigating risk and taking full advantage of opportunities open to your business now and in the foreseeable future.



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