For virtually every business, the paradigm is changing.


Market disruption, product innovation, shifting demographics, and transformative technologies are driving change. Downsizing, mergers, offshoring, and partnering are facts of life. Social media is a growing force in business development and networking. Recruiting and retaining top talent are continual challenges.


In the face of ongoing disruption, success demands tough choices and a solid plan for navigating an ever-changing landscape.

This, in turn, requires information on what’s happening in the marketplace, how customers feel about a company and its products and services. It also requires a critical assessment of the organization’s systems and processes, and what support employees need to deliver expected results.


An integrated business, brand and marketing planning process


Our proven process will ensure that all important options are considered. We help pinpoint what your customers value… identify and prioritize issues affecting your business’s ability to achieve an intended future… position your business to appeal to key audiences… and develop strategies, initiatives, and projects that focus human and financial resources in the most effective ways possible.

Plus, we work with you to develop a 90-day Action Agenda designed to get implementation off to a fast start and achieve a few early wins. 


Every small and mid-sized business has a Strategic Number – a measure of the effectiveness of the business's strategy and strategic planning process.

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