Online Surveys • Elite Interviews • Focus Groups • Town Halls

There’s only one way
to find out what your
stakeholders really think.


Ask them!

We are well-positioned to take on any project involving online surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups, or town halls. 

Using the appropriate research tools, we assess the way employees, customers, members, clients, board members, and other stakeholders perceive your department, division, or organization. Or perhaps your products, services, customer service, policies, and so forth.


Employee and customer research is an integral part of virtually all end-to-end facilitated strategic planning assignments. We focus on identifying opportunities, challenges, and threats, and clarifying what stakeholders value about various aspects of your business operation. We pay particular attention to what differentiates your business and sets it apart from others.


Our team has conducted more than 2,500 C-level interviews and conducted hundreds of online surveys, focus groups, and town halls. We are skilled at developing flexible interview guides and in pulling together information from numerous sources to provide a clear picture of your business environment and the issues that should be factored into your strategic thinking.