Defining Workshops™

Defining Your
Strategic Priorities

Identifying the strategic priorities on which to focus your people and other resources.

As noted business executive and professor of strategy Willie Petersen has stated, “Strategy is the necessary response to the inescapable reality of limited resources.” With this in mind, and having defined what future success will look like, the task of the leadership team is to formulate a limited number of strategic priorities on which to focus people and other resources in the year or years ahead.

In this workshop, the leadership team responsible for the overall organization, division, or department confirms the “definition of success“ and establishes a manageable number of strategic priorities .


Along with establishing these priorities, the team will explore any limitations imposed by the organization's capabilities and capacities, explore how existing resources can be redeployed (reduced or redirected), and identify any additional resources required to achieve success.

The basic Defining Workshop package includes:

  • five one-on-one interviews,

  • a briefing note summarizing feedback from interviews, a detailed agenda design for the facilitated sessions, and helpful information to support the workshop dialogue,

  • two ~3-hour facilitated sessions (online),

  • an articulation of the strategic priorities, and

  • implementation suggestions.

From $4,200