Our unconditional guarantee


It all started out so well 


You’ve engaged a firm to lead your leadership team through a strategic planning process. Following interviews with staff and external stakeholders, a survey or two, and perhaps some focus groups, you took everyone offsite for a two-day workshop.


You had high hopes for this process. Due to some major developments in your business and external environment, your previous plan was well beyond its “best before” date. 


…or maybe not


The end result was not what you were expecting. Not only was the resultant plan overly ambitious in some areas and lacking in others, you could see that key people were not fully on board with some of the specific initiatives let alone with the overall direction.


The tough first step


Selecting a strategic planning facilitator/advisor with whom you can work is not an easy task. Not only do you have to think about “the fit,” you must be confident that the firm and its people will deliver what you need. Very often, despite all your due diligence, that takes a leap of faith.


That’s the reason for Outcomes Guaranteed™.


You specify the outcomes


Early in the planning stage, we meet with you to pin down what you want to achieve – the outcomes that will make your team’s investment of time, effort, and money worthwhile.


Once we are all in agreement with these outcomes, we tailor the strategic planning process to deliver what you have signed on for – a strategic direction and plan to which your people are committed and that is focused on achieving the future you intend to own.


We make sure they are achieved 


We’re so confident that we will be able to achieve the agreed-upon outcomes and deliver value, that we’re offering this unconditional guarantee:


When the project has been completed, you decide how much
our involvement was worth and how much to pay, based on the outcomes agreed to and achieved.


It’s that simple! And, as we do not want to disappoint our clients, it provides us with a real incentive to ensure you get the results you're after.


When you're ready, let's start a conversation.


“...you did a fantastic job [at our Strategic Planning retreat] keeping us focused and moving towards achieving the objectives we had discussed. You managed the two days exceptionally well.”

– Greg Essensa,
Chief Electoral Officer, Elections Ontario

Are you clear about what you want from a strategic planning process? 

Our approach to formulating strategy is driven by answers to 7 questions. In our experience, one or more of these questions usually rises to the top of the "importance pile." For example, some teams know that they are out of alignment on their enterprise's purpose. Others recognize that previous plans have suffered from too little attention to implementation.  

When you work with Strategic Directions, we take the time to understand your priorities, ensuring that your plan will be focused on what matters to your longer-term success. 


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