Defining Workshops™

Defining your
Value Proposition

Ground zero for differentiating your business, creating preference, and turning "tryers" into loyal buyers.

A value proposition answers the question, “If I do what you want me to do (call, buy, join, subscribe, and so forth), what’s in it for me?”

This proven, four-hour workshop brings up to 12 decision-makers together to create a value proposition that resonates, differentiates, and motivates – and provides would-be buyers with a compelling reason for trying and buying.

The basic Defining Workshop package includes:

  • an online survey,

  • a briefing note featuring survey highlights, agenda design for the facilitated sessions, and helpful information, 

  • two ~2-hour facilitated sessions (online),

  • documentation of the agreed-upon value proposition, and

  • implementation suggestions.

From $3,800.