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Defining "Where to from here?"
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Challenging times demand fresh thinking and a thoughtful plan.

You hear it all the time, “When things get back to normal…”

The fact is, the normal we knew and what will someday be considered “normal” are two different things. The pandemic has changed a great many things about the world in which we live and work. And the question many business leaders are asking is, “Where do we go from here?”

One thing is for sure, doing nothing and hoping for the best is not an option. In fact, it can be a recipe for disaster. Working from home, telemedicine, virtual education, lockdowns, rising unemployment, and social distancing have been game changers… in some cases opening the door to new opportunities and in others slamming it shut.

Every leadership team is faced with a number of considerations, including:

  • What has changed, and what do these changes mean for our business model?

  • How has the pandemic affected our customers, clients, or members?

  • How do we keep or replace key personnel?

  • What should we do more of, less of, abandon, or add?

In this workshop, you will collaborate with fellow team members to map out a detailed plan for coping with, surviving, and making the most of your new circumstances.

The basic Defining Workshop package includes:

  • up to 8 one-on-one interviews,

  • a briefing note featuring highlights from the interviews, agenda design for the facilitated sessions, and helpful information,

  • two ~3-hour facilitated sessions (online),

  • documentation of decisions made, and

  • suggested next steps.

From $5,600.