Deep experience. Engaging style. Thoughtful guidance.


Facilitated strategic planning is more than our business – it’s a calling that inspires us to do great work.

After years of experience, we know how to guide a client's team through a thorough and objective process that results in a strategy right-sized for the organization – one that's clear, aspirational, and actionable.


Creating a productive environment


We are known for our collaborative approach, sense of humour, buttoned-down process, and attention to detail, whether we're developing an overall strategy, facilitating a retreat, uncovering information on which to base important decisions, or coaching leaders to perform at their very best.


We engage each member of a client’s planning team in a thoughtful process to uncover and prioritize issues that matter, and to evaluate alternative ways of achieving specific goals and objectives. Of significance, we create an environment in which leaders feel comfortable participating in the conversation and sharing their experience with others on the planning team rather than directing the process.  


Keeping it real


We know that plans fail when goals and initiatives are unrealistic and undoable; when their size and complexity deter rather than encourage support. Working closely with a client, we ensure that every initiative and project plays a clear role in moving the organization from where it is today to where leadership intends it to be in the future. And that each has an enthusiastic champion.


Earning your trust  


We're hands-on with every assignment, whether it involves comprehensive strategic planning or a single component of the planning process, like research, facilitation, or leadership coaching.


We don’t delegate responsibility for a client’s work to juniors. One of our principals is always the primary contact and person responsible for completing the assignment on time, on a budget, and to a client’s complete satisfaction. In a business where effectiveness demands a high degree of trust, this is the only way we can be certain of delivering the outcomes our clients demand.

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“What can I say? Thanks! The strategy you helped us craft has already started to see results. Unlike our last plan, our entire management team is on board. What a difference that’s making.”

  In summary...​

  1. When you involve us in your planning process, you get the “whole enchilada” – all the experience, skills, process, and personal style needed to achieve the outcome you’re after. 

  2. We ensure you are clear about key opportunities and challenges and have considered options for getting where you want to go. 

  3. We adapt our involvement to your specific needs, taking into account the time you are able to invest in the process and the involvement you would like your staff to have.

  4. We tailor our planning process to your unique situation – thoughtfully and conscientiously, without losing the essence and intent of the process.

  5. Your strategy will be based on a sound understanding of your situation and environment and the possibilities they present.

  6. Initiatives will be fully aligned with your organization’s capabilities and resources – possibly a stretch and yet not irrationally ambitious.

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