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A new breed of strategic consultancy

Successfully plan, launch, and execute your strategy with your entire team on board.

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Greetings from Chris Ward, President of Strategic Directions

Participants brainstorm questions in a breakout group during a facilitated workshop.

How can we help?

Need a strategy for your business or major initiative? We’ll work with you to build it, quickly, with your entire team on board.  MORE

Need a plan of execution that actually works? That’s the only kind we know how to deliver. MORE

Have a stalled strategy that’s too important to fail? Getting it back on track is a specialty.  MORE

Need to update or create your Value Proposition, Core Values, or Vision. Check out our Defining Workshops™. MORE

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Quotation marks to begin a testimonial from a Strategic Directions client.

You exhibited a high degree of knowledge and understanding of consensus building with diverse participants. Your patience, skills, and abilities allowed all parties to feel that they had been accurately heard and that their participation was noted and valued. The outcomes were logical, supported, and created a strong base for the organization to move ahead with.”

Susan Cudahy, General Manager, Waterloo Regional Tourism Marketing Corporation
Participants brainstorming strategic priorities during Strategic Launchpad™

For over 20 years, Strategic Directions has been working with leaders and their teams to plan, restart, and successfully execute too-big-to-fail strategies. Our specialties include:


You need a highly-focused strategy for your business or mission-critical initiative. And you need it now. Using our Strategic Launchpad™, you will co-create your strategy, quickly, with your entire team on board. MORE


A well-designed and professionally-facilitated meeting will benefit your organization in many ways – from improving teamwork and building alignment and commitment to planning for change and positioning your organization for greater success. MORE


You need a detailed plan to guide the execution of your mission-critical initiative or business strategy. Drawing upon years of experience, we’ll work with your team to co-create a roadmap that leads directly to your desired outcomes. MORE


Execution of your strategy has slowed or stalled, and you need to get it going. Right away. Using our Strategic Directions Playbook™, we’ll co-create a plan to get your strategy back on track and keep it there. MORE

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Please take a moment to provide a few details about yourself and what you're interested in talking about. This information will enable us to have a meaningful conversation about your business and how we can help.

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+1 (416) 433-1153

Start a Conversation with Chris

Thanks for reaching out to start a conversation. I will get back to you very quickly to see how we might be able to help!

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I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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