Brand Strategy

In an age of growing complexity & uncertainty, owning your space is
a must.


Successful organizations own their space. They're clear about what that space is, why it matters to stakeholders and what they have to do to own it. In other words, they have a plan for differentiating their offering from that of other organizations and building a magnetic brand. 


When an organization owns its space, stakeholders are clear about what’s on offer and how that differs from what's being offered by other organizations. Most importantly, they understand how they’ll benefit from being a customer, client, member or donor. 

Our proven branding process will ensure you’ve:

  • identified a space worth owning – one with the upside potential that longer-term success demands;

  • developed a brand platform (mission, vision, core values, purpose, brand promise, personality, key messages) that effectively positions your organization with key target audiences; 

  • prioritized opportunities and challenges; 

  • mapped out the strategic initiatives that will make a difference; and 

  • agreed on a 90-day Action Agenda to operationalize your brand strategy and earn some early wins. 


Branding Out™ to close gaps and own your space


Where and how big are the gaps between what stakeholders believe about your organization, products and services, and what you would like them to believe?

Our Branding Out™ System identifies and analyzes the gaps, then works with your team to...

  • develop a brand platform that positions your business for success;

  • make a promise that resonates with buyers – one that you can keep;

  • differentiate your business from competitors;

  • project a personality that attracts and resonates with high-potential buyers;

  • ensure your employees are aligned, engaged and living the brand; and

  • build consistent messaging into everything your employees say and do.


“Your workshop-based approach to branding is impressive. You were able to engage the business leaders who participated in the process, and make it an enjoyable and productive experience. We are extremely pleased with the results.”

— Tom Horlor, Chief Development Officer, YMCA of Greater Toronto

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