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Restart Your Strategy

When you need to regroup to execute a too-big-to-fail strategy that is not getting results.

Co-create a plan to get your strategy back on track and keep it there.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."  Peter Drucker

Every business has too-big-to-fail strategies. Strategies that will make a measurable difference to some aspect of the business and, in many cases, to the organization’s overall success.

When execution has slowed or stalled

Execution can slow or stall for many reasons. Other initiatives could be siphoning off people and other resources. There could be a change in leadership creating uncertainty about priorities. There could be issues with cross-functional collaboration. It might be difficult to visualize the roadmap that will take the strategy from where it is today to the point where it is fully executed and successful.

When failure is not an option

At the outset, we deploy the Strategic Directions Checkup™ to explore the degree to which staff have bought into management’s vision, the way work is allocated, the team’s ability to focus, the obstacles and roadblocks that have threatened execution, and many other factors. The findings enable us to pinpoint the areas in which execution has or is likely to slow or come off the rails. And to develop solutions that take account of your organization’s resources and the timing of your desired outcomes.

A plan that adapts as your business changes

Our Strategic Directions Playbook™ is a transformative tool that enables you to overcome the issues that get in the way of executing your too-big-to-fail strategy. Using our Playbook and the findings from the Strategic Directions Checkup™, we work with you to design a plan of execution that gets your strategy back on track and a roadmap that takes you to your desired outcomes.

We encourage our clients to review and update their Strategic Execution Plan on a regular basis. This ensures that your Plan remains relevant in the face of internal and external changes.

Got a strategy that is not getting results or is about to come off the rails?  LET’S TALK!

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What's a too-big-to-fail strategy?

A too-big-to-fail strategy is one that will make a measurable difference to some aspect of your business and, in many cases, to your organization’s overall success. Failing to successfully execute such a strategy could have a detrimental impact on your short-term outcomes and/or longer-term performance.

It can refer to the company’s overall strategic plan but, it does not have to.

Often, a too-big-to-fail strategy will originate in one department (possibly sales, marketing, production, or IT), be related to a single product line, or be applicable to one division of a corporation. It carries more significance because, when fully executed by cross-functional teams, it will have a positive impact on your entire business.

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