Strategic Planning

Build the capabilities and capacity needed  to support your purpose and succeed

Our end-to-end process brings decision-makers together to build a creative, thoughtful, and actionable business strategy laser-focused on delivering extraordinary results

Our 5-stage approach to facilitated strategic planning – • • • • E – has been refined over 30 years and hundreds of projects. We know that plans fail when goals and initiatives are not well thought through or are overly ambitious. In guiding your team through the strategic planning process, we make sure that every aspect of your plan is clear, aligned with your purpose, and focused on moving your organization to where you intend it to be in the future from where it is today.


We place a major emphasis on helping our clients identify and overcome barriers to success and build the necessary capabilities and capacity while enhancing the experience for key stakeholders like customers, clients, members, and employees. 


We work with participants to build an Action Agenda to launch implementation, build momentum, and get some early wins. And, we stay involved for at least 6 months following completion of the plan to ensure that the strategy is working as anticipated and the leadership is making course corrections as necessary.


5 distinct and highly-interrelated steps



Since strategic planning is different from day-to-day operations, it is critical that the process be launched thoughtfully. In this stage, we clarify and confirm the intended outcomes, what information and action is needed to produce those outcomes, and the roles and responsibilities of participants. 



As information/data gatherers, using online surveys, key informant interviews, and focus groups, our goal is to generate insights that will be valuable in identifying and prioritizing significant opportunities and challenges.



As facilitators, our role is to draw out and record the knowledge, wisdom, and insight of those involved in the strategic dialogue, help them synthesize that knowledge into a rational set of conclusions and decisions, and provide an environment in which participants can take ownership of and fully commit to the strategic choices they have made.



As strategic planning consultants and advisors, we distill and synthesize the results of the facilitated dialogue and other conversations into a concise narrative that clearly presents the strategic direction of the organization and the path you've chosen to follow.



While execution of the business strategy is squarely on the shoulders of the leadership team, we stay engaged to support the effective launch of that execution. We work with the leadership and small working groups to define how best to pursue each strategic priority and establish projects to implement the distinct and interrelated components of the business strategy. The resulting implementation plan is structured to launch the initiatives, build momentum, and generate some early wins.