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Co-create a strategy that's supported by your entire team

Build the capabilities and commitment you need  to pursue your vision and succeed

Strategic Launchpad

Successfully plan & launch your strategy with your entire team on board

We are extremely satisfied with the outcomes [of our strategic planning process] which greatly exceeded our expectations.  I fully anticipate we will continue to work with Chris on a number of strategic initiatives over the coming year(s)."

– Malcolm Berry, Chair, CAGP

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Planning to build a new strategy or update your strategic plan shouldn't be an overwhelming burden. And yet, for many organizations that’s exactly what it is.


That's why we created Strategic Launchpad.

Strategic Launchpad™ transforms the complex and cumbersome into an agile, impactful process.

A more enlightened way to plan.

Traditional strategic planning involves a complex, rigorous, and often lengthy process that includes extensive research, analysis, brainstorming, reflection, and testing. From start to finish, it can take 6 months or even longer to complete. And it often ignores or pays insufficient attention to the practical aspects of how the strategy will be executed as well as the need to communicate with and hear from employees and other stakeholders.

Designed with time-challenged leaders in mind.

Gone are endless months of meetings and exorbitant consulting fees. With Strategic Launchpad™, you can expect to finalize your strategy, quickly. And at a fraction of what’s charged by many traditional strategic planning firms.

Guided by an experienced strategic planning facilitator.

We’ll lead your planning team through a tightly focused process that begins by gathering critical insights via a sophisticated yet user-friendly online survey, supplemented by invaluable one-on-one interviews.

You’ll craft a compelling vision and establish a strategic direction that drives measurable results.

You’ll consider alternative scenarios, identify potential vulnerabilities, pinpoint the capabilities you'll need to develop and, above all, establish a laser-focused plan that you’ll be able to roll out without disrupting your day-to-day operation.


Getting execution off a to fast start.

To get execution off to a fast start, we work with you to develop a workplan that sets up your execution roadmap, identifies quick wins, and scopes strategic projects. We identify projects that can get underway immediately and work with you to create a 30-day action agenda that begins execution and earns some quick results.

Plus, we ensure that execution is top-of-mind throughout the planning process to guard against the inclusion of initiatives and projects that are likely to interfere with the organization's ability to effectively manage the day-to-day operation.

Your vision, plan, and progress clearly communicated.

Planning is real for the team that is pulling the plan together. And for those who are tasked with managing the execution. But what about the many employees and other stakeholders who are watching from the sidelines? Particularly those who will be asked to take part in the execution.

We’ll work with you to create a two-way communications plan designed to engage your employees and other stakeholders. Not only will you be able to keep everyone well-informed about the status of the planning process and execution effort, you will have a vehicle for soliciting comments and getting feedback as needed.

Fast. Effective. Proven.

Strategic Launchpad™ is a fast, effective, and proven way of achieving longer-term success and building strategic action into your employee's everyday work schedules. And at less cost and time than required by many traditional approaches to strategic planning.

Ready to develop a strategy that will make a huge difference to your organization’s success? LET’S CHAT!
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