Facilitated Strategic Action Planning
for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Is Strategic Launchpad™ right for your business?

If you're leading a business enterprise and haven't yet involved your team in formulating your longer-term strategy, consider Strategic Launchpad™.

We developed the Launchpad specifically for small and mid-sized businesses that might not be ready to initiate a full-blown strategic planning process yet understand the value in engaging their employees in a conversation on the business's future and what it will take to get there. 

That doesn't mean the business is not doing well. To the contrary, it might be doing quite well – simply too busy to entertain the thought of a strategic planning exercise. And perhaps a little skeptical about the real value in strategic planning and whether it's worth the time, effort and financial commitment.  

However, with success comes choice and different, even conflicting, views of what the company’s path forward could be. Strategic Launchpad™ provides a framework within which to confirm your company’s future and make decisions on the actions that launch your strategy and take you there – all in about three weeks and for a very modest cost.

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