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The pandemic is wreaking havoc on many Canadian organizations – for-profit businesses and nonprofits alike.

Surviving the COVID-19 crisis and building greater resilience will require tough decisions and a thoughtful action plan.


We'd like to help. 

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"Your engaging style and respect for all participants were key to the creation of a plan that we believe is aspirational in its scope and direction, yet pragmatic enough to drive quick results."

– Kevin Beingessner, President & CEO, Coril Holdings Ltd.

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For 20+ years, business leaders have engaged us to facilitate important meetings, conduct research assignments, and lead the development of strategies and action plans that take full account of opportunities, uncertainty, complexity, and rapid change. Much of our work involves increasing the value delivered to stakeholders and overcoming barriers to success. We’d love to help you with the same.

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Looking for a Toronto-based facilitator who will make a difference? How about a consultant who understands strategy and what it takes to make it work? 


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Uncertain about the value in strategic planning? Strategic Launchpad™ 
could be for you!

We developed Strategic Launchpad specifically for small and mid-sized businesses that might not be ready for a full-blown strategic planning exercise yet understand the value in engaging their employees in a conversation on the business's future and what it will take to get there. MORE

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