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Position your organization for greater success with a purpose-driven  business strategy

At Strategic Directions our purpose is simple... to make strategy work for your business 

When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." 
 – Howard Schultz, former CEO and Chair, Starbucks


What is a purpose-driven business strategy? 

Research shows that purpose-driven organizations grow faster and enjoy higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.


A purpose-driven business strategy is focused on making a difference as well as achieving more conventional measures of success. It is a strategy designed to clarify and satisfy the needs and wants of key stakeholders – existing and prospective customers (or members), management, and staff. It's a strategy built on answers to such important questions as "Why do we exist?" and “Why are people better off because we exist?” And it is a strategy that commits the organization to a reason for being that aligns stakeholders and serves as a filter for decisions affecting both long-term strategic priorities and day-to-day operations.

How we can help

We're ready to step in to manage and facilitate an end-to-end strategic planning process. We're equally ready to facilitate a workshop, undertake employee and/or customer research, or design and introduce a stakeholder engagement initiative.


Regardless of the assignment, we're able to draw on extensive experience in strategic thinking, strategic planning, market research, strategic advisory, professional development, and leadership coaching. 

Facilitated Strategic Planning

Our end-to-end process brings decision-makers together to make mission-critical decisions and build a purpose-driven, people-centred business strategy.

Facilitated Workshops

Our professional facilitators excel at engaging participants, designing productive conversations, breaking up logjams, and achieving desired outcomes.

Stakeholder Research

You've got to ask them to find out what they really think! Employee and customer research plays a key role in uncovering issues and validating assumptions. 

Stakeholder Engagement

It is critical to continually inform, engage, and inspire those who are charged with implementing your business strategy.

Challenges you might be facing...

  • our stated core values not being reflected in staff behaviours

  • trying to do too much with available resources

  • dealing with business disruption (like the pandemic)

  • how to differentiate ourselves from the competition

  • how to balance on-going operations and strategic priorities

  • difficulty in attracting and retaining good talent

  • departments or teams not collaborating

  • messages not getting through to staff

  • maintaining customer satisfaction

  • effectively linking operations with our strategy

In the words of our clients...

"[You]... led productive group sessions effectively and efficiently, carefully breaking down competing stakeholder barriers. You challenged and motivated us, as individuals and as a group, to work towards a common objective and achieve consensus with creativity..."
– Frank Colantonio, Director of Continuing Education
"...you have been engaging and full of energy and enthusiasm. You did an excellent job of helping us to prepare for our facilitated strategic planning sessions, and in guiding us through the sessions, encouraging an open and constructive discussion..." 
– Corey Kinart, Associate, Senior Acoustical Engineer 
"...you showed a fresh enthusiasm and an innovative approach to creating strategy  and engaging a cross-section of managers in the process. You exhibited real depth in strategy and strategic thinking and ‘hands-on’ experience in leading change.."
– Marc Caira, Chief Operating Officer

Some of the clients we are proud to serve

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